Anftiz – NFT Marketplace and Landing page Template

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Anftiz - NFT Marketplace and Landing page Template

N.B: It’s an HTML template, not a WordPress theme. “Anftiz” – is a full-fledged NFT or Digital assets marketplace website HTML template. It is suitable for selling NFT’s, non-fungible tokens, Digital Arts, Digital Music & All types of Digital Assets marketplace website. You can create, sell & collect NFT’s or digital assets through this website. It is nicely designed with better UX and modern features also coded with the latest technology. The user-friendly Interface functionality of “Anftiz” allows people to get acquainted with NFT in detail and buy from one of their purposes. Anyone can easily collect, sell & buy digital assets or arts via cryptocurrencies (like BSC, Matic, Ethereum Based). The uniqueness of the moder

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