Pangong – Angular 11 Admin Dashboard + UI Kit

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Pangong - Angular 11 Admin Dashboard + UI Kit

Pangong is an Angular 10 admin template that uses Bootstrap 4.x. it also has lots of unique and beautifully designed page designs. Pangong provides you lots of other reusable UI elements and widgets. Pangong has a ton of pre-built material that includes 10+ dashboards, Authentication Pages, app examples, profile, invoice template, multiple pages options, and lots of reusable components; which makes it a great kick-starter for your project. With Pangong’s UI components library (1000+ components in different categories), you can actually get more time on building stuff, rather than editing pixel distances. Pangong – Angular 10 admin template and Admin UI kit can be used for any type of web application: CRM, Project Management, Statistics, A

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