WooCommerce Adyen Payment Gateway Plugin

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WooCommerce Adyen Payment Gateway Plugin

Adyen Payment Gateway is a single payments platform to accept payments anywhere, on any device with a presence in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. The Adyen payment extension for WooCommerce supports 2 payment methods.1) Direct (On site)2) Redirect (Hosted Payment Page by Adyen)In Direct method customers can pay from your website without redirect to Adyen hosted page. In redirect method customers will be redirect to Adyen hosted payment page to make payment. Also supports automatic refund. = Changelog = = v3.3 | 01-05-2020 = * Fixed checkout return url issue in HPP method = v3.2 | 20-05-2019 = * Fixed security issue in HPP method = v3.0. | 14-09-2018 = * Implemented latest Adyen checkout API(v37). This is major releas

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