WooCommerce Bulk Edit Product Prices

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WooCommerce Bulk Edit Product Prices

Plugin Demo: Change logs: version 0.4.0: 1. Fixed bug on bulk edit update 2. Fixed bug on single product update 3. Fixed bug where sale price could be less than regular price 4. Fixed bug where update notice would show but it wasn't really updating 5. Fixed update button active/passive states 6. Added controls on sale/regular prices when both are modified at the same time 7. Started using Woocommerce's number of decimals setting for decimal count 8. Fixed Popup positioning, timing and contents 9. Refactored the code 10. Removed unnecessary controls 11. Optimized various functions 12. Fixed various minor glitches and bugs version 0.3.2: 1. Added all product statuses to the editing table 2. Added product

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