WP Realty – Real Estate Plugin for WordPress

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WP Realty - Real Estate Plugin for Wordpress

WP Realty – Real Estate Plugin for Wordpress is ideal way to manage your real estate agency and manage property agents. The plugin has front end for property search, listing and backend for complete Real estate operation management. URL: / USER ROLE  USERNAME  PASSWORD  Agent jane jane Owner alex alex Update History 19-08-2021 - Wordpress version 5.8 Compatibility. - PHP Version 8.1 Compatibility. - [Feature] Updated Envato Security/vulnerability Update List. - [Feature] Updated all latest version libraries. Updated Libary 1) Boostrap (v5.0.1). 2) jQuery (v3.6.0). 3) DataTables(v1.10.24). 4) Fullcalender (v5.7.2). 5) Font Awesome (5.

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