InCharity – Fundraising, Non-profit organization WordPress Theme

WordPress темы / Благотворительность
InCharity - Fundraising, Non-profit organization WordPress Theme

InCharity - Благотворительная / Фандрайзинговая и некоммерческая организация Wordpress тема.

InCharity для благотворительности и сбора средств и некоммерческой организации. Она не только вдохнет новую атмосферу в интерфейс веб-сайта вашей благотворительной организации, но и позволит пользователям получить больше удовольствия. InCharity имеет полную функциональность, которую должна иметь тема Wordpress Charity.

InCharity – Charity/Fundraising and Non-profit organization Wordpress theme InCharity is Wordpress theme for Charity and Fundraising and non-profit organization. It will not only breathe a new air into the interface of your charity organization’s website, but also the experience for the users. InCharity has full functionality that a Wordpress Charity theme must have. It comes with a simple and vibrant theme design which is suitable for any charity organization, or religious institutions. It brings a contemporary design for organization that targets young and modern people. Furthermore, our Wordpress charity theme is made powerful by more than 20 blocks available for websites of Charity and Fundraising, such as Featured campaigns, Donate

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