Devinvue – Admin Vue 2 and Element + Vue Webpack CLI Kit

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Devinvue - Admin Vue 2 and Element + Vue Webpack CLI Kit

Devinvue Admin is built with Vue 2 and Element. Element is a Vue 2.0 based component library for developers, designers and product managers, with a set of design resources. With responsive and optimized design for mobile and a wide range of useful components. Devinvue provide the easy way to build your next web project. Here are some benefits you can get from Devin: VueJS framework Element.io Bootstrap 3 3.x css framework Sass Webpack Responsive layout Unlimited colors Light, Dark, Gradient templates Modern design, not just a admin Starter for Vue JS Vue (pronounced /vjuː/, like view) is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adop

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